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Members of the county court. Dist 1.

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Members of the county court. Dist 1. Coffman and T. Ballard and O. Deere and W. Wilkerson and A.

Threadgill, F. Azbill, and C. Goff and Ljubljana escort. Grissom and J. Town of Lexington--Elmer Stewart. Town of Scotts Hill--J. Henderson County has echoed to the tread of many great men of state and national fame. In spite of the fact that Henderson County was Whig by a large majority, the Democrats, by no means, abandoned it.

Induring the presidential campaign between Harrison and Van Buren, ex-president Andrew Escorts grande prairie alberta was drawn into the struggle for his old friend, Van Buren. When Jackson arose next morning, he saw near his window on the end of a liberty pole a Harrison and Tyler flag flying.

This flag was put there during the night by the supporters of Harrison and Tyler. Jackson, it is said, remarked that one could never tell what the damned Whigs might do. Both Jackson and Polk made speeches in Lexington.

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You will note that each of these gentlemen were, at meey time or another, President of the United States. Hanna of near Sardis. David Crockett, a brave and adventurous frontiersman and hunter, a soldier, and a statesman, visited the early settlers and hunted with them. He spent nights with the parents of the Crook families now living about ten miles south of Lexington.

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It was always a treat to have him come. Other men of note have visited our County. Many have sqrdis born escort nogales sonora reared in it. We shall hear more about them in a later chapter. Chapter 9 - School and Churches The schools of Henderson Meey date back to the very early settlements, perhaps as early as or But these schools were of an isolated character, being taught in various neighborhoods of the County.

Sometimes they were taught in log houses built for the purpose, sometimes in churches, and sometimes in vacant dwellings. The first school of much ificance in the County was the Lexington Academy, which was authorized October 18,with John T. Harmon, J.

Fuck buddies warren bc as its trustees. In M. Hooe, W. Haskins, and Samuel Wilson were added to the list. In John T. Harmon, C. Miller, J. Hill, Reuben Wilcox, and James A. Haslett were authorized to raise money for the Academy. The first house was built in Julyin the eastern part of town on a lot sardia from Samuel Wilson.

This building stood until orwhen it, being old and too small to serve the increased of students, was sold. With the proceeds the trustees, W. Warner, John Brooks, R. Jones, and William Brooks, purchased a lot and building in the northern part of town. On this lot was erected a good brick building which served its purpose untilwhen it was sold to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. With the proceeds, a new site containing four acres in the southeast part of town, was purchased, and on it erected a new frame building two stories high, containing a study hall and several recitation rooms.

The trustees conducting the business transactions were C. Scott, President; P. Dennison, treasurer; J. Hall, W. Brooks, and L.

The school became recognized as the County High School, and S. Mynders, A. The course of study embraced the English language, and its literature, pure and applied mathematics, natural sciences, ancient and modern languages, bookkeeping, and a special course for teachers. The purpose of the school, which will hereafter be known either as the County High School or as Lexington High School, was intended to fit students for the university and for practical life.

Mynders personals central coast a very shrewd and active man in the field of education, and afterwards became the State Superintendent. While State Superintendent he greatly promoted school interest and helped to arrange for the State to appropriate more money for the public schools. The County High School under his supervision became widely known and much appraised.

Lexington was at one time quite an educational center, temnessee its church schools and the Academy. About forty teacher students and a much larger of regular students attended the County High School the first year of its actual service. The educational system in Lexington became widely known during that period, but failed to gain a great deal during the following years.

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However, during the past quarter of a century it has regained its rapid advancement. We shall hear more of it later on in this chapter. The public schools over the County had nothing like a systematic course of study until after Sqrdis that year sardus report of Henderson County school conditions was made and school directors, or commissioners, were elected in each of the school districts, which were made to correspond to the civil districts.

The report showed that there how 2, children of school age, that the length of school term varied in length from about forty to sixty days, and that the school fund averaged about fifty cents for each pupil. The above plan of the management of common schools was not a good one, but continued to exist with little variation until the whole of it was broken up by the Civil War.

In a new plan was adopted that gave a more or less uniform system of. A partial report of louise hunter escort that the scholastic population for that year was 4; white; colored; or a total aa 5, The whole of white teachers employed. There were three consolidated schools, and a total enrollment in all the schools of 2, white and colored, with a total average attendance of 1, Schools ran along thus ssardis about to tennesdee good schools were established at Scotts Hill and Sardis.

These were schools of a high grade and carried on work similar to our present high school work. More will be given about Scotts Hill and Sardis schools in Chapter But sub escorts the coming of J. Brown in came also an advancement in education.

Brown came to Lexington spanish escort engage in the hardware business, but being a school man and seeing the great need of. There was but little public interest and public funds at that time. The town could run but two or three months' public school. Brown had no stipulated salary except to give the town three months' public school for the amount of school taxes to be collected each year and the use of the school building for the remainder of the year to make what he could.

The preceding year there had been three teachers employed, and the school had automatically closed before the time was out for the want of students. Brown, at one, began work to interest parents and pupils.

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He employed a faculty of six teachers and escort girls new stockton on tees personally responsible for their salary for a nine months' session. The first faculty consisted of J. Brown, J. Rush, M. He was successful in inducing State Superintendent R. Jones to locate the Peabody Institute, of four weeks, for West Tennessee in the town of Lexington for the years of and He was also a member of the corps of instructors in this institute.

This brought some three or four hundred of the leading teachers of West Tennessee into the town for the period of four weeks each summer for the two years, all of which had its effect in arousing the local interest in educational work. It also placed Mr. Brown in a favorable light before the people of the town and County as a leader in school work. Schools began to improve at once. No good work has ever been accomplished without opposition.

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So it was, after the first year, some of the "Wise Acres" began to complain and made an effort to force the principal out of the school or to make him turn over a part of his earnings to the town and to select his faculty for him and to say how much he should pay his teachers, but in the beginning Mr. Brown obtained a five year contract, and by the time the five years had expired the best people of the town and County had recognized his ability in leadership and the boards of education single father looking for fun to elect him year after year until he had served them for twenty-two years.

In February ofthe legislature passed an act permitting the County court of each county of the State to levy a tax and establish a public High School.