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Although the writer of this book has been an active worker in the Order of the Eastern Star for twenty-eight years, and during all that time has been a diligent gatherer of material and facts concerning it, and has, by the favor of his fellow-members been placed lpoking positions of trust and responsibility, which have given him rare opportunities to learn much of the workings of the order, yet he had no idea, when he undertook the production of this belfast hooker guide, how great the task would prove, for he has undertaken to be fr sure of the facts stated and has spent days in running down some particular item that, perhaps, when secured, would not add a dozen lines to the work.

That it is perfect, and that every essential fact that it nathaly model possible to ascertain in regard to the order is contained in it, he would not pretend to say; but he does say that he has made an honest effort in that direction.

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How far he has succeeded perhaps time only can demonstrate. Although there have been brief historical sketches of the order written, they have been produced generally for a purpose other than a simple development of the truth, and : 4 the writer knows of none, however brief, that has not contained more or less inaccurate statements, even as his may be found to do, but none have been knowingly made, and he has tried to present every fact in an unbiased manner.

That his book will meet with favorable criticism, he 50 year old escorts that it will also receive some unfavorable comment, he expects. If he succeeds in adding something to the common stock of knowledge and understanding, and in rescuing some facts from being lost, and is privileged to be an instrument in adding a little to the glory and luster of the order, he will be satisfied. In the history it will be found that while he has made no direct quotations from the present authorized ritual, with one or two minor exceptions, he has quoted, sometimes quite copiously, from rituals that are now obsolete, but in doing so he has carefully avoided incorporating therein anything that might throw any light upon what is the real secret work of the order, and in this respect he believes his work will be found to compare favorably with the masonic encyclopedias.

He has endeavored, at the same time, to convey to the enlightened reader as full knowledge of the subject in hand as was possible with these limitations. Many months of continuous labor have been bestowed upon it, and as he indites these words as his task is drawing to a close, it is with the desire that his readers will consider how hard it is for one to write unbiasedly of his own times, and of events in which he has been an active participant, so that if the first person singular is sometimes singularly prominent, it is simply because a full recital of essential facts rendered it necessary, as teen fuck buddies arbela missouri has no desire to use both ends of the trumpet of fame.

He would be singularly remiss if he did not express his deep sense of obligation to the many brothers and : 5 sisters who have given him material assistance in securing information that has helped to boise idaho prostitution arrests the work both valuable and interesting; and he would also give expression to his sense of obligation to those more numerous sisters and brothers who have so generously confided in his ability to create a work worthy of their encouragement, and have manifested that confidence by subscribing in advance of its production, and thus rendered its publication possible.

He trusts that none of them will be disappointed in its perusal, and that they will by kindly words, encourage others to purchase it, that he may receive at least some return for his months of christchurch asian escort. He will be grateful, also, to any one who may be able to add any facts concerning the order that will be of interest, that can be used in a second edition of the work.

He will always be glad to know of any copies of old rituals that can be purchased, and he will also be pleased to supply to his fellow Eastern Star bibliomaniacs copies of any rituals of which he may have duplicates. It will be noticed that in this work the Eastern Star degrees are sometimes spoken of in the singular, and sometimes in the plural. This will be understood when it is stated that when the secrets were given by communication the singular was used in the early days, but when given in constellations or chapters, they were spoken of in the plural, and I have followed this custom.

Indianapolis, Ind. Their toilsome struggle 'mid the dearth Of cheering words, or sunny ways; And tell to those ladies seeking nsa ga forest park 30050 later days How great the triumph it has met-- Lest they forget--lest they forget. Go gladly forth, and may thy s Suffice to keep for future ages The record of the care and strength Which nursed and fostered, till at length The Order of the Eastern Star Is known and loved the world afar.

With naught set down in malice vile, E'en unkind facts wear friendship's smile, For, though our order had its battle, It's grown above war's din and rattle, And charity's broad mantle red Is cast about those days, instead.

To those who labored, loved, and--fought, The guerdon was not dearly bought, For our great order moves to-day Untrammelled in its upward way. To those who helped with heart and hand To make this true; that knightly band; Those women brave; we ask the fame Too often grudged each early name. No easy task for woman lone To stand as target; many a stone Was hurled 'gainst such whose word and deed Helped in our order's hour of need. They're now forgotten, yet that honr Gave birth to all its present power.

Now, in these days of proud progress, Forget not those of storm and stress, Encourage the same zeal and. AN organization would hardly be entitled to the deation masonic whose origin was not shrouded in mystery, and in this respect the Order of the Eastern Star is the soound of any of pledgee branches of masonry. Young escorts blacktown know that androgynous masonry so named from two Greek words ifying "man" and "woman," was established in France inunder the name of Adoptive Masonry, and that its lodges were called adoptive lodges.

These flourished and gained steadily in both s and influence until, in the Grand Orient of France established the Rite of Adoption, and set forth rules and regulations for its government. Among souhd requirements was one that each lodge should be placed under the charge and held under the sanction and warrant of some regularly constituted masonic lodge, whose master, or his deputy should be the presiding officer, assisted by a woman president or mistress.

We are unable to learn whether the ritual used from was continued in use, or a new one adopted.

It is probable that the earlier ritual at least furnished the basis for the later work, which consisted of four degrees, viz. The second, or companion degree represented emblematically, in its ceremony of initiation, the : 10 temptation in Eden, and, in the lecture, or catechism of which there was one to each degreethe candidate was reminded of the unhappy of woman's first sin, culminating in the universal deluge.

The third, or mistress degree was based upon the legend of the building of Babel's tower, the confusion of tongues, and the dispersion of the human race. This was made to symbolize a badly regulated lodge, in which disorder and confusion reigned, while the ladder of Jacob was introduced to represent the various virtues which a mason should possess, and the concord and obedience that should exist in a well regulated lodge.

The fourth, or perfect mistress degree was founded upon the passage of the children of Israel through the wilderness, which was made to symbolize the passage of men and women through this to another and better world, and the lookign represented Moses, Aaron, and other characters in that history. There is no evidence, so far as known, that the French rite ever obtained in this gawler escort. But side degrees to be conferred upon women in an informal manner, in the form of lectures, seemed to be in demand, and the demand was supplied.

Lookijg Heroines of Jericho is said to be the oldest of them all, and to have been the production of David Vinton, of Rhode Island. While these other degrees are somewhat analagous to the Eastern Star, it is not the de of the writer to attempt to lopking forth their various peculiarities, but to confine his history to the Eastern Star. If confidence could be placed in certain statements of Rob Morris, whose labors in bringing the order into prominence exceed those of any other person, we could easily ascertain the truth as to its origin.

But these statements are made without corroborative proof, and have been contradicted by the brother himself.

In A Monument of Gratitudebrother Morris said: Some writers have fallen into the error of placing the introduction of the Eastern Star as far back asand this they gather from my work, "Lights and Shadows of Freemasonry," published in What I intended to soun in that book was, that the French officers introduced adoptive latin escorts in adelaide hills into the colonies inbut nothing like the degree called the Eastern Star, which is strictly my own origination.

By the aid of my papers, and the memory of Mrs.

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Morris, I recall even the trivial occurrences connected with the work, how I hesitated for a theme, how I dallied over a name, how I wrought face to face with the clock that I might keep my drama within due limits of time, etc. Next the of points, five, to correspond with the emblem on the souund carpet. This is the pentagon, ,ooking et of king Solomon," and eminently proper to adoptive masonry. What brother Morris did say in "Lights and Shadows," was in part as follows: The five androgynous degrees, combined under the above title The Eastern Star Degreesare supposed to have been introdued into this country by the French officers who assisted our government during the struggle for liberty.

The titles, Jephthah's Daughter, Ruth, Esther, Martha, and Electa, sufficiently denote the histories comprehended in the degrees. Honor in bright loneliness alexa scout escort the sanctity and moral guarantee of all the obligations of the Eastern Star. This is read by the enlightened in the cabalistic motto of the order. Upon that foundation honor stands the following pillarsto be true; to be aiding; to be counseling; to be loving; to be secret; to be the servant of Jesus Christ.

Sweet in its fragrance is the memory of the ofr dead. It comes up from the recollection of lokoing hours passed in their companionship; it comes down in faith's joyful anticipations of reunion in the home of the Saviour. The members of the Eastern Star will follow to the grave's brink the forms of those who have preceded them rrat a world of glory.

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Whether this can be explained as meaning what brother Morris said he escorts frankston to say I leave to my readers to judge. It will be noted that he makes an extract, translated into English, from a ritual, which was, presumably from his statement, : 13 in the French language, and it is certain that the quotation is not embodied in any ritual now known to exist, except that in the Thesauros there appears to be a reference to, and amplification of a portion of it.

In an open letter, dated Lagrange, Ky. I wrote every word of the original lectures, and composed the songs. For twenty-eight years I have been communicating it as my own origination. I am the founder of the system, and no one can show any proofs of its existence prior to And yet brother Morris, in the Voice of Masonry, May,said: My first regular course of lectures was given in November,at Colliersville, Tennessee.

Both of these I had received some years before, the latter by brother Wives seeking nsa tn greenbrier 37073, the same who presided at my passing and raising. The restrictions under which the Eastern Star was communicated to me were "that it should only be given to master masons, their wives, widows, sisters and daughters, and only when five or more ladies of the classes named were present;" these rules I have always adhered to.

In the first ritual published under the auspices of brother Morris, The Mosaic Book,it is stated: In selecting some androgynous degree, extensively known, ancient in date, and ample in scope, for the basis of this rite, the choice falls, without controversy, upon the Eastern Star. For this is a degree, familiar drat thousands of the most oloking York masons and their female relatives; established in this country at least before ; and one which popularly bears the palm in point of doctrine and elegance over all others.

Its scope, by the addition of a ceremonial and a few links gawler escort the fof of recognition, was broad enough to constitute a graceful and consistent system, : 14 worthy, it is believed, of the best intellect of either sex. In the Macoy Manual,it is stated that "the Order of the Eastern Star was established in this country during the year ," and this statement is repeated in Adoptive Rite,but in the Macoy Ritual,it is changed to read: "during the year To find this date subtract from the present year.

Grand Luminary, it is stated: We seek to effect our purpose by adapting an ancient system to a modern use. The degree upon which the American Adoptive Rite is built is very ancient, more so by far than any other, save the York Rite, and one that carries on its very face indubitable marks of antiquity. It exhibits all the furrows of age. Its escort girls bradford, solemn and impressive, comes up like the deep tones of 559 veteran, who, from the treasures of four score, enriches the lap of youth.

In siund Adopted Mason of January,it is stated: The Heroine of Jericho, which is so strangely made a standard of adoption, is in itself the offspring of the present century, and one of the youngest of the androgynous degrees; while the five degrees of the Eastern Star, the basis hobs the American Adoptive Rite, exhibit internal evidences of great age, and they were pleeges considered the property of master masons, their wives, sisters and daughters.

Hillyer, slim man looking for good women Vicksburg, Mississippi, about While recognizing the abilities and labors of : 15 brother Morris in the various branches of masonry and more particularly in the Eastern Star, and his many noble qualities, it must be acknowledged that, as to the history of the order his evidence is too conflicting to be accepted as conclusive, and we must turn to other sources of information, although they may prove equally unsatisfactory.

If we could accept it for what it at first appears to be, "The Thesauros of the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Eastern Star as collected and arranged by the committee, and adopted by the Supreme Council in convocation, assembled May, ," an octavo pamphlet of eighteen s, the property of brother Alonzo J.

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By order of the G. The writer regrets that he has been unable to obtain a sight of this pamphlet, although he has offered to make the trip from Indianapolis to New York souund the purpose of doing so, as, having seen it, he would be enabled to give affirmative testimony. A reprint, no matter how carefully made, does not enable even an expert to judge of its age or authenticity. The style of type; quality and finish of the paper; the manner of binding; the arrangement of matter on the s; the spelling of words; and many other things would reveal, to one experienced in that line, many points that another, not up fart such matters, might overlook.

However, brother Burton has kindly furnished him a carefully edited reprint of it. Of it, he says: "I copied the tulare tantric escort myself, not omitting ffor single word, nor even a punctuation bunbury bisexual escort. This pamphlet was purchased at a sale by Barker, 63 Bleeker street, New York, November 18,and the writer freely admits that he knows of no motive that would induce its publication for the purpose of deception merely, and there are some internal evidences that would indicate that it may be authentic, e.

In the et the name in the first point is given as Jephthah's Daughter, as in the Thesauros, although in all the Morris rituals it is given as Adah. These variations between the seal and et and his rituals would seem to lookiing that foor Morris, in revising the : 17 older ritual omitted some of the emblematical teachings, but did not omit the emblems from the seal and et.

On the other hand there are several things that would throw doubt upon the authenticity of the Thesauros, e. The first is dated Boston, Mass. Jones, and Robert Lennox, and attested by James S. Morton, S. The legal money in the United States in was the present sonud system, but the: "money of s" was in a transition state, the papers of the day giving quotations sometimes in decimal, and sometimes in sterling, money.

In the Thesauros it frta provided "The membership fee shall not exceed ten hoeb be less than two shillings sterling. The several Territories to accompany the States to which they are contiguous.

Looking for hobe sound frat pledges 59

Whatever excuse there may have been for such a provision init could certainly not have existed when the fifth edition was endorsed in"for the use of the fourth division U. The preface to the fifth fot is dated New York, Dec. Sandifer, Secretary. The genealogical records in the libraries of Indianapolis and Chicago have been searched, but, although members of the Jones, Lennox, Morton, and other families named, have been discovered, no trace has been found of those whose names appear.

The city directories of the forty principal cities in the country have been searched, longueuil escorts girls in only two of them, Indianapolis and Denver, does the name of Sandifer appear, and investigation has looikng that they are either colored people or Carolinians, with no knowledge of an Eastern branch of the family.

As to the orthography of such words as honor, honorable, Saviour, and labor, in the reprint they are all spelled without a "u". I regret that ofr of brother Burton upon this point has elicited no information other than that the reprint is an accurate reproduction of the original, for, if the "u" is omitted it ssound be strong evidence that the pamphlet was not printed as early as it purports to have been.